Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i book with SweptUp?

SweptUp takes the hassle out of finding the right cleaner for your home. We connect homeowners with trained, trustworthy cleaners. We have a hands-off approach, but dont hesitate to contact should you have any special requests. There are no contract tie-in's, hidden costs, taxes, UIF nor any other admin associated with your booking. Book once off, once a week or request a daily clean - that is up to you and we are here to assist. Have the peace of mind with trained, trustworthy cleaners in your home.

What is the difference between a half day and a full day?

A half day clean compromises of four hours, whereas a full day clean is eight hours. Please note, you must allow your cleaner 30 - 60 minutes of lunch for full day bookings. Remember, you are booking one of our awesome cleaners, not a team. Should you require two or more cleaners at a time, please email this request to or make a note of this in your booking. 

I would like to make a booking, how do i do this?

Simply click onto our website, click "Book Online" and select your preferred service and cleaner. Complete the required fields with your name, address and contact information. You will immediately receive a booking confirmation and within 24 hours, an invoice with our banking details in the top right corner. For further instructions or help, simply email and we will assist you right away.

What areas do you service?

SweptUp offers services in and around Cape Town, covering a wide range of suburbs. We have expanded our services throughout the West Coast, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard .  Note, half day bookings are only available in Table View, Parklands and Sunningdale. Half day bookings made outside our service area will be charged an administration fee and, or, our full day price. 

Should i book more than one cleaner?

You are more than welcome to! We always urge you to justify the amount of cleaning needed and the size of your home versus your cleaner. For pre/post move-in cleans, we always recommend 2 or more cleaners. Remember, the more the cleaner ;) Book here. 

How much will i know about my cleaner?

You will receive an email confirmation with your cleaners name. All SweptUp cleaners have a minimum of one year experience. In addition, all cleaners have been reference checked. To safeguard our brand, we only employ cleaners that we have personally had the chance to meet and interact with. Thereafter, they are interviewed to distinguish whether or not they meet our criteria. You may also request your cleaners name and contact information prior to your clean. 

Before, during and after the clean.

Each cleaner receives a booking confirmation with your name, contact information and cleaning address. They are given directions on how to get to the premises. If applicable, cleaners are also prepped in advance in the event that you have any special requests. If you cleaner is running late, you will be notified thereof. All cleaners are trained in what to do on arrival, and throughout the day, and will opt to use their own initiative. However, it is up to the client to debrief their cleaner, outline their expectations and areas they would like the cleaner to focus on. Allowing your cleaner to make use of your electronic equipment (washing machine, iron, dishwasher etc) is solely up to you (we recommend showing your cleaner how to operate your machinery if she is not familiar with it). We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damages caused in this regard. After the clean, the cleaner makes her way home, leaving your home fresh and spotless. Please note, tipping your cleaner is solely up to you.

What cleaning supplies or equipment will we need?

We do not provide any cleaning detergents nor equipment. We recommend basic cleaning detergents and equipment for a home clean (please bear in mind that each home and request may differ). Handy items to have in your home include brooms, mops, rags, buckets, black bags, newspaper. In addition, sufficient detergents would include all purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, window cleaner etc.

What exactly does a clean consist of?

Interior Cleaning, only. Every clean will generally consist of, dusting surfaces and counters, wiping counters, tables, walls and cupboards, sweeping, vacuuming, emptying bins, mopping floors, making beds, full bathroom cleaning, washing and ironing laundry, arranging ornaments, pillows, desks etc and much much much more! Cleaners may not attend to garden works, pet feces, cooking, climbing up ladders, lifting abnormally heavy objects or cleaning off marked ceilings or walls (we recommend hiring professionals with steam cleaning or high pressure equipment for this). Our cleaners are not robots, they are fragile, too ;)

What are recurring cleans?

Get your home cleaned at least once weekly. No contracts, nor obligations, just month-to-month cleaning. Should you require a cleaner once, twice or every day of the week, kindly contact us at

I am not a homeowner, can i use SweptUp?

We are so happy that you asked --- YES! We accept all walks of life, from AirBNB hosts, to shop owners, construction companies, rental agents and more, we are adaptable and available. 

We are having a function, can you help?

100 times YES! If you're planning a braai, birthday party, ladies night in (or out), wild dinner or any event that requires a good clean the next morning, we can help! Just ensure that you enough have trash bags to get rid of all the evidence, and we're good ;)


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