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How Often SHOULD You Be Cleaning?

Monday morning's, kids, work, gym, dinner, minimal sleep - most used excuses as why we don't clean as often as we should. But, confined spaces are prone to a build of bacteria if not cleaned often; you know, those invisible germs...yuuuk. Get your yellow gloves out because there's a few truth's to be told on the frequency of cleaning your home.

How often is often?

Daily (yes, there is such a thing) - Bedding, sink's, dishes and trash:

Everyday, you should get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself. No, this does not mean cleaning yourself per say. These include thing's like shaking off your linen and make your bed, and don't let the bed bugs bite. Cleaning the dishes you have used and ensuring you leave the sink clean thereafter (you would be surprised how quick bacteria grows in a messy sink). Additionally, wiping down surfaces, throwing away trash and swapping out kitchen and bathroom towels - these are a MUST!

Weekly (sound's more do-able) - dusting, bedding, bathroom's & floor's

Dusting of surfaces, counter's, lampshades, mirrors, headboard's etc on a weekly basis is a good time frame to ensure that you aren't allowing a build up of bacteria - only visible to the naked eye once it's too late. Don't forget to sweep or vacuum and mop thereafter. Cleaning and sanitizing your toilet and shower every week (two at max) - this means in and around the toilet bowl, shower and especially bathtub. (PS: your bathtub is dirtier than you toilet, see it here. Lastly, another bi-weekly clean is changing your your bedding - please note, this only applies if you are climbing into bed clean and fresh.

Monthly - mattresses, refrigerator, pillow's and carpet's

(This is the easy part as it's only once a month, you can take a breather now). Did you know that the salad draw is prone to thousands of bacteria? According to Daily Mail UK , every 8000 centimeter (squared) of your salad drawer is pretty much infested - put on the yellow gloves, grab the detergents and get scrubbing! Set a monthly reminder and ensure you also steam clean and turn over your mattress, change your pillow's (the expensive one's can stay for a few month's longer), clean your skirting boards and corner's of your wall's and ceiling. Oh, don't forget to carpet clean every 2-3 months (no, vacuuming does not count). Basically, spring clean your home at least once a month (or get a specialist to do it for you).

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