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5 Quick Oven Cleaning Methods

If only every Sunday roast ended in a grease-free oven.

Cleaning your oven straight after cooking is quite a daunting task, for a number of reasons. Firstly, you have to give your oven a few hours to cool down after use. Secondly, it's all greasy and grimy. Thirdly, it's fairly labor intensive and time consuming. Because of the first reason, many would simply prolong oven cleaning to another day. (Often a few weeks to late, that is).

Quick Cleaning Method #1 - Baking Soda & Water

Spray bottle (or a bowl), white vinegar & baking soda/powder

Probably the most effective way to clean the entire oven is this method. I'd suggest mix the baking soda and lukewarm water in a bowl. Next, add in some vinegar (a tablespoon should do). The first step would be to put on a pair of yellow gloves. First wipe the inside of the oven with a wet sponge. Then, apply your mixture throughout the oven using a cloth or sponge (racks, top, bottom and sides). Before this step, you can also apply salt first, then add your paste. Leave overnight. The next morning, take a wet sponge or cloth and wipe off the grease and residue. Hooray, you're done! (if there are still hard pieces of residue, apply some oven spray along with the mixture and repeat after another 24 hours).

Feel free to email SweptUp should this method throw you off ;)

Quick Cleaning Method #2 - Oven Spray

For ovens not in that bad of a state, this state might be easier for yo, but requires a bit more elbow grease. In hand, simply have your oven cleaner, gloves and cloth. I'd recommend Mr Min, Zeb or Grillex (any other oven cleaner should be find though). Apply the spray inside as well as outside of your oven and wipe down. Rinse your cloth regularly, you don't want to be wiping clean with a dirty, greasy cloth. (For more effective cleaning, apply salt a few hours before you execute this method; make sure you wipe off first)

(1) Apply refined salt, then your paste. (2) Apply refined salt, wipe, then wipe with oven cleaner.

Quick Cleaning Method #3 - Dish Washing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is cost-effective, easy and overall desirable way to clean your oven. Firstly, remove your oven racks and place in your sink or bathtub. Put some liquid on a damp sponge and wipe the entire of the inside of the oven (do this lightly). Next, take a scrubbing brush and a bowl of lukewarm water. Dipping the brush into the water, scrub the oven; and scrub it good! Once scrubbed, leave for a few minutes and clean your oven racks. Return to your oven and give it another scrub or two; two for luck that is. Take a cloth and remove all the excess soap and dirt from the oven. Do the same for the glass of your oven (inside and out).

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Quick Cleaning Method #4 - Clean your oven filters

As the months go by, there comes a time where the filter may become so blocked with grease that it ends up loosing its effectiveness. Cleaning your filter is not as a daunting task as above. Simply put, you can clean your oven filter in your sink with just boiling water, baking soda, and dish washing liquid. Some filters can also be put in the dish washer - yay! (filters than go in the dishwasher should just be slightly dirty, not filled with food residue or thick grease as this could damage your dishwasher).

Quick Cleaning Method #5 - Paper towels

This method should be applied a few hours or a day after utilising your oven. (PS: Fresh stains only!). Use lukewarm water or oven cleaner to aid your clean using this method.

A sight you want to see every time you clean your oven

There you have it - 5 methods on how you can clean your oven, and keep it that way. It's always best to regularly clean these appliances, especially in confined areas and when dirt is left for a long time. Cooking food in foul environments is never appealing. Goodluck!

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