• Danielle Martincich

4 Must See Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathrooms collect a lot of bacteria, and not the good kind. Yes, it may be the room where you clean yourself often and you walk out feeling fresh and ready to seize the day, but that is not to say that it is a clean environment. The below must-see bathroom cleaning hacks will leave your bathroom clean and shiny.

1. Clean as you go

For those who really do not enjoy cleaning, this is the least you could do. Using flush-able everyday use wipes, simply wipe down your counters, surface tops, sink, and taps to keep all that dirt and bacteria from piling up. Note - this is just to clean as you go along and where 'dirt' meets the eye. Your bathroom still needs a couple hours attention each week, and this is where SweptUp can help!

2. Remove the clutter

Bathrooms are often small, and tend to look messier than they are with the amount of clutter we tend to leave around. Put everything behind closed doors, and only use it as you need (don't forget to put it back when you are done).

3. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Mirrors actually collect a ton of grime and yucky dirt, and this can easily develop mould. Use a cotton ear bud in the grooves of mirrors to clean out all the grime. You can also brew black tea and with your cloth into your tea (micro fiber works best) gently wipe down your mirror. Look, everything appears clearly already.

4. Toilet Bowl

Flushing your toilet does not mean it is being cleaned, and you need to prevent your toilet bowl from forming dark stains. All you need is 1/3 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup vinegar, gloves and a toilet brush. Make a paste, and use your toilet brush to clean the interior of your toilet bowl. Leave it for a couple minutes before flushing and,voila.

There you have it - 4 efficient, yet simple ways that you can keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Be sure to have a thorough cleaning at least once a week - book a clean online today and let us take care of that for you ;)



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