• Danielle Martincich


Whether you’re a prone allergy sufferer, or only tend to flare up in areas with a high pollen count; we’re here for you! As an allergy sufferer, you’re probably used to digging a deep hole in your pocket by trying to combat the allergies. However, medication can only help so much, you need to start with the environment that you find yourself in most often – home. When one’s health is a concern, especially with young children, promoting cleanliness within the household should be a no-brainer.

Keep the bad air outside

Although one suffers the most when outdoors and exposed to pollen, this is not to say that it cannot be carried indoors through vents and windows. Keep your windows clean on the interior and exterior, don’t leave your windows open for too long, ensure your fan hasn’t got a dust build up around it and if possible, use an air-conditioner rather than opening a window. Air-cons filter the air which prevents dust, dirt, pollen and mould from making it’s way into your home. Be sure to regular maintain and clean your air-conditioner, failure to do so could actually make your allergies worse.

Reduce the dust

Dust is a big trigger when it comes to allergies, get rid of it. Making use of brooms, dry cloths and even dusters will just spread dust and dirt around your home. Microfiber is the answer. Microfiber is absorbent, versatile and cost effective in the long run. It can be used dry, or damp, and will collect much more, if not all, dust than your average cloth.

Wash Bedding Weekly

Although these are your sheets on your bed, it should be a prerequisite to get your bedding cleaned at least weekly. Your bed can store dirt from your clothing after a long day’s work, hair from yourself (or others) and pets, dust mites, and other critter’s that is probably making your skin crawl already. Reduce the likelihood of these irritants by vacuuming your mattress and duvet twice weekly and washing your bedding once weekly (be sure to use chemical-free detergent). You could also opt for your neighbourhood laundry guy to do the dirty work for you.

Reduce the moisture

Without even realising it, you may be creating a build-up of mould in your home. Common areas include bathrooms and kitchens, where there may be a daily build-up of mould due to the moisture left untouched after shower or cooking. Prevent the build up of mould in your bathroom by keeping your bathroom ventilated after use, wiping down walls and floors (especially in the shower) and allowing airflow. After cooking, be sure to wipe down your cupboards and other surroundings.

Schedule Your Cleans

Life can get busy at times, but it should never be at the detriment to your health and well-being. Create a daily or weekly to-do list that you keep on your fridge, or a place you pass-by daily. Assign cleaning tasks where possible, or break up your cleaning tasks throughout the week. For those with a busy lifestyle, or not so cleaning savvy, set up a weekly clean so that you never have to worry about it.


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