• Danielle Martincich

we are sad to leave, but thank you for this journey

Due to the unforeseen impact of Covid-19 and as a result of lockdown, having to halt all bookings since 27 March 2020, SweptUp has no choice but to cease operations with immediate effect. Although our closure has been as a result of lockdown, we 100% support the decision by President Ramaphosa, and stand by priortising health and safety during this time.

Now, you may have a lot of questions, but we jumped ahead and answered them for you :) 

1) If I have already booked a clean, will you still be able to go ahead with my booking?

Unfortunately all operations will cease to continue with immediate effect. All upcoming bookings will be automatically cancelled. If you have already paid for your clean, you will be refunded.

2) I am a recurring client and have already paid for the month ahead – what happens to my bookings and payment?

All upcoming bookings will be automatically cancelled. If you have already paid for your clean, you will be refunded.

3) I really like my current cleaner, is she allowed to work for me privately? How do I get in touch with her?

YES! Our first priority is getting our cleaners working and earning a living as soon as possible. We want our cleaners to work for you, and strive to make this a reality. Should you not be able to get in touch with your cleaner, we will still be available throughout the month of April 2020 to bridge the communication between yourself and the cleaner.

Kindly note that this applies to current clients with a good, long-standing relationship with SweptUp (if you have never used SweptUp before, we are unable to assist you). Your cleaner must consent to all of this before going ahead.

Rest assured, it is our ultimate goal to get each and every cleaner on our platform working :)

4) I am not satisfied with my cleaner, can you provide me with an alternative contact?

SweptUp will only be available to connect you with a cleaner throughout the month of April. Any issues during this time, or after, will have to be addressed directly with your cleaner.

5) Will my cleaner be able to work during lockdown?

We are fully compliant with the lockdown and do not suggest you allow anybody, including friends and family, into your home at this time. Therefore, all requests to put you in touch with your cleaner will only be answered once lockdown has been lifted. We have to act responsibly during this time, and hope you will take on the same action as us.

6) Will SweptUp re-open?

At this stage, we have had no choice but to cease all operations with immediate effect. Who knows what may unfold in weeks, months or years to come ;)

7) Do you have any last words?

We believe we have reached our vision, and have certainly done our part to change the outlook on the wonderful, talented and beautiful domestic cleaners of our nation. We have contributed to minimising the unemployment rate through job creation, whereby majority of our cleaners were previously unemployed. Alongside the support of all our clients and social media followers, thank you for being a part of this journey and contributing to the well-being of the wonderful ladies on our platform.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

- Danielle Martincich, Director


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