This website is owned and operated by SweptUp (Pty) Ltd (referred to as 'SweptUp' or 'The Company'). These Terms and Conditions (this, 'Agreement') set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and the services as offered by us. This Agreement hereby indicates that you, the 'user' of this platform (www.sweptup.co.za), or receiver of any services rendered to you by the Company, acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including and any modifications and/or additions to this Agreement. By using our platform, you are entering into a legal agreement between you and the Company. Should you not accept the terms highlighted herein, you must not make use of nor subscribe to this platform, nor our services.


SweptUp is a communications platform connecting individuals seeking to obtain cleaning services and individuals seeking to provide cleaning services. Therefore, the Company merely acts as a facilitator between those parties mentioned above, and is not in any way classified as an Employer, temporary Employer, Domestic Cleaning Agency nor Cleaning service. Those individuals seeking to provide cleaning services via our platform are reference checked by the Company, which includes references by previous employers, and / or any other valid individuals' reference, of those individuals. The Company takes no liability for any actions of those who provide cleaning services and does not guarantee or warrant their actions, reliability, quality nor compatibility. By making use of our service(s), you agree that the Company takes no responsibility, and will not be held legally responsible, for any theft, damages, injury or any other liabilities incurred during any transactions and / or whilst making use of our service(s).


By accessing or using our platform, you approve that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms mentioned herein. By accessing or using this platform, becoming a member of this platform (by logging in as a member on www.sweptup.co.za) and/or using our services;

2.1) You must be at least 18 years of age and legally entitled to enter into this Agreement, and must abide by these age limits. Entering into this Agreement is not available for children and children must not make use of the Platform nor our Service(s).


2.2) The user of this platform will fill in their particulars when making use of our services, and their particulars will be required upon checkout. The user may also become a member by uploading their particulars onto the platform, but this is not a prerequisite to use our platform and/or services. The user confirms and warrants that all information provided by themselves are true and correct. 

2.3) The user has agreed to all the Terms of the Agreement. Should the user not want or agree to enter any of their details on this platform, or via email (info@sweptup.co.za) in the process of transacting or for the purpose or inquiry or making a booking, then the user must not subscribe, become a member nor fill in a contact form.

2.4) By becoming a member and logging onto this platform, the user will use their email address and password as their login details. The user should contact the Company via the platform, Facebook or email (info@sweptup.co.za) should they  not be able to redeem their login details. It is up to the user to keep their login details, specifically their password, safe and secure. The user must not share their login details with any other user. SweptUp will not be held legally responsible for any losses due to third parties corrupting, gaining access to or compromising their profile.


When entering into the Agreement, you are responsible for understanding exactly what you are purchasing and agree to have read what the service entails, available on the Platform. Users should be familiar with, or familiarize themselves, with these terms

"Full Day Clean" - compromising of eight (8) hours of cleaning, excluding any lunch break taken

"Half Day Clean" - compromising of four (4) hours of cleaning

"Once-off clean" - Full Day or Half Day Clean booked via the Company's platform via the website, Facebook or email

"Recurring cleans" - Full Day or Half Day requesting the same individual (often referred to as the 'cleaner' seeking to                                                     render their service (often referred to as the cleaner 'providing their cleaning service') once or more                                                 weekly, whereby all services for that month, or the next month, are paid for in full prior to all cleans                                                 for that month mentioned

3.1) Use of Service


3.1.1) Your booking is only confirmed if you have received your invoice and/or we have received proof of payment for your booking prior to the clean date. 

3.1.2) You agree that your service provider (or, known as cleaner) will have your name, home address, email address and contact number for the purposes of carrying out the service you have booked. Your cleaner may be in contact with you via voice call, text or Whatsapp in order to confirm your booking and/or the event they are lost or need assistance to get to your location.

3.1.3) Your home and/or location of the service you have booked is to be safe and an appropriate working environment, and you should have all necessary supplies on hand to enable your cleaner to carry out their work. You are to be respectful and courteous to those rendering a service.

3.1.4) Any complaints will be dealt with by the Company and not those individuals rendering the service.

3.1.5) Individuals that have been booked to carry out services as listed by the Company may be unavailable at times, and it will be up to those individuals and/or the Company to notify you of this. The Company will do their best to assist you with a different service provider, but, this is not always possible. 

3.1.6) During the time of this agreement, you may not alter any bookings, or make any changes, directly with any service provider as this directly disrupts the smooth operations of the Company in terms of booking and scheduling. You agree that booking any of the cleaners listed on our platform, other than from the website, will be considered a breach of this Agreement (unless discussed with the Company prior) and may result in an administration fee being charged to the user, amounting to the mean days worked within one month x the cost of a Full Day Clean as listed on the website at the time of breach.

3.2) Costs 

The costs the Company charge for services as listed on our website or have quoted you on, and any additional fees we may charge, may be subject to change. Whereby users have requested a service at least once a week, and have paid a minimum of one month in advance, have entered into a month-to-month agreement with the Company.These users will be given a minimum of 30 days notice for any changes in costs on a regular day. The Company may charge an additional fee, without any notice, if recurring clean falls on a public holiday to users that have entered into such an agreement. Should users not accept any of these terms as listed above, the user must not make use of any services provided by the Company.

3.3) Cancellations by you


3.3.1) Should you (the once-off or recurring user*) no longer want to go ahead with the service you have booked, it is up to you to notify the Company within 24 hours of your chosen booking date. Failure to do so may result in you being required to pay the full amount as stipulated on your booking confirmation and/or email, or a penalty fee. 

*see 3.3.3)


3.3.2) Services considered 'once-off' are to give 24 hours notice prior to the date of service on a regular day (thus, not including Saturday, Sunday or any Public Holiday). Thus, should a service be booked for Monday, the cancellation should be given no later than Friday.

3.3.3) Services considering 'recurring' is whereby the user has entered into a month-to-month agreement (often referred to as 'contract'), and agree that they are to pay for the upcoming month in full, but acknowledge and agree that they and/or the Company, are not bound by this agreement. *Recurring users who have yet to make any payment toward there next month of recurring cleaning and wish to cancel, must give the Company minimum 24 hours notice. However, should the user already have paid in full for that month and no longer wish to continue due to varying factors, they are required to give notice on a regular day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) prior to the next week commencing. Thus, a cancellation in week 1 will only be effective in week 2, regardless of whether or not  notice was given at the start or end of week 1. The user will still be liable for any unpaid amounts, as clearly stipulated on their invoice, whereby they have already benefited from services rendered. Should the Company's efforts in collecting the owing amount go unnoticed, unseen, ignored and/or not result in the Company being able to collect the amount owed by the user, the Company has the right to hand over the users account to a 3rd part debt collector as chosen by the Company.

3.3.5) Should your cleaner have arrived at the booking destination and not be able to get in touch with you, the client, homeowner and/or person of contact as stipulated on the booking form after two (2) hours, the booking will be cancelled by default and the amount due for that booking will still be applicable. Thus, no refund will be applicable in this regard.

3.4) Cancellations by us

The Company may cancel a clean if you have booked a service not available to your area, your cleaner is unavailable, network issues that have resulted in double or over booking, have past the payment due date and/or have outstanding payments and/or considered a bad payer and/or any other reasoning deemed fit and practicable by the Company. 

3.5) Refunds are available, but not limited to;


3.5.1) users that have made a once-off booking and have cancelled their clean, in which they have paid for, within the cancellations period highlighted above (minimum 24 hours).

3.5.2) users that have not been satisfied with the services rendered and do not accept another clean as compensation (only applicable to users with valid and reliable reasoning).

3.5.3) users considered 'recurring' that have entered into the Agreement on a month-to-month basis, and have provided the sufficient amount of notice as listed above.

3.5.4) users that have proved to have valid reasoning as to why they should get a refund, or part thereof, that the Company has agreed to.


In no event shall the Company and/or its licensors be liable to users, third parties nor anyone for any indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, incidental, consequential or any other damages of any type, including without limitation, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses, arising out of or relating to the use of, or inability to use, the service. The Company and/or its licensors will not be liable nor take any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury  for any errors, mistakes or inaccuracy of content and (but not limited to) personal injury or property damage in it's entire. The company will not be liable nor responsible for the result of the user, or anyone, making use of a third party cleaning service that we have recommended, and will not take part in any discussions, disputes or negotiations that unfold prior, during, or after.


4.1) Below are certain liabilities (specifically highlighted, liabilities are not limited to the below) that the Company will not be liable and responsible for;


4.1.1) The Company will not be liable for any outside (or third) parties and their actions who enter or are at the user's home, office or premises during the time the service provider (or cleaner) render their services. The cleaner must not be responsible to open for any third parties.

4.1.2) The Company will not be liable for losses of any sort should the user not have exercised care, caution and safety to ensure those items are stored away.

4.1.3) The user agrees that the Company is not responsible for any losses, damage or breakage incurred that was proved to not be negligence, during the period of which the service was provided.


4.1.4) Further to this, the user takes full responsibility and liability of losses arising of the outcome should they allow the cleaner to make use of any appliances, equipment or detergents. It is up to the user to give the cleaner clear instructions and/or recommendations on how to use appliances or equipment. Should the user not agree to this, they must not make use of the Company. 

4.1.5) In the event that the Company decides to discontinue your once-off and/or recurring cleans, this agreement will terminate, and the user shall have no claims whatsoever against SweptUp as a result thereof.


5.1) The SweptUp guarantee is available should any user of services provided not be satisfied with the quality of the service by the assigned or selected service provider (often referred to as the cleaner). 

5.1.1) Should the user want to lay a complaint, the user must do so within 48 hours of the clean date, via email at info@sweptup.co.za

5.1.2) The Company will be in contact with the user within 48 hours of the complaint and will investigate the matter accordingly

5.1.3) It is at the Company's sole discretion to provide the user with a refund and/or a free service

5.1.4) Complaints regarding theft, damages, or any other liabilities are to be reported within 48 hours of the incident and will be investigated accordingly. The user agrees that the Company is not at all liable nor responsible in this regard and should have their own personal insurances. It is up to the user to provide the Company with necessary proof, as requested by the Company,within 30 days from the time of the incident for any complaints surrounding theft, damages, or any other liabilities (as stipulated above). 

All complaints can be made to info@sweptup.co.za. 


Without prejudice to the Company's other rights under these terms and conditions, should you breach these terms and conditions in any way, SweptUp may take such action as the Company deems appropriate to deal with this breach. This is including suspending you from making use of the service, blocking your access to the Platform and/or Website, blocking devices using your IP address from accessing the Platform and/or Website and/or bringing court proceedings against you.

Latest update: July 2019